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East Quaker

Psychologists, Social workers, and Mental Health Professionals


Located in the village of Orchard Park, the providers at East Quaker are talented, experienced behavioral health professionals. Providers serve children, adolescents, families, and couples. Please visit individual provider profiles for more specific information. 


Many of the providers who currently practice at East Quaker were previously associated with FMS / FMS Psychology, which no longer exists. These providers are located in the same building (6556 East Quaker St. in Orchard Park, NY) and are providing the same professional, comprehensive emotional / behavioral health evaluation and treatment.


As independent practitioners, we apologize for any confusion as we experience positive growth and transition!

Meeting the Needs of Our Community

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All are Welcome


The diverse providers who practice at East Quaker are committed to supporting you towards positive change, peace and contentment.


 Insurances Accepted


Blue Cross Blue Shield

Independent Health



 providers are available for both in-person

and telehealth options