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Description of Mental Wellness and Performance Consulting

All people, including youth, are constantly striving for balance in life. The successful management of mental wellness and behavioral health is not simple as many must navigate these waters without adequate support and education. Adults face major challenges such as divorce, job loss, and financial stress. The challenges for youth are different, but nonetheless just as stressful and can negatively impact social and emotional development and success. Regardless of age, short and long-term stressors impact the ability to obtain optimal mental wellness unless there are strategies in place to combat the unwanted consequences of mismanaged stress.


Mental Wellness and Performance Consulting helps improve social, emotional, and behavioral skills through techniques derived from positive psychology, applied sport psychology and cognitive behavioral psychology. These mental health and wellness management tools are designed to give both children and adults the social, emotional, and behavioral skill sets they need to manage life stressors and feel better overall.


Description of Services and Programs

Individual Session

The first session or two involve assessment of client needs. As the sessions progress, behavioral management techniques are built into the client’s routine and applied in daily life. All sessions take place face-to-face in the office. Each individual session is 50 minutes long. The number of individual sessions is based on client needs and progression toward a positive and more healthy mental state.


Individual sessions are fee-for-service and are not covered by insurance. Payment due upon registration. Cost is $95.00 per 50-minute session. To schedule individual sessions, please email

Carolyn Bell at


Please also visit the "Groups and Workshops" tab at the top of this page for workshops / groups offered by Carolyn Bell.


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